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“Discover your darkest side”


Room: Gotica

Our most mysterious and intriguing suite, dedicated to those of feel like tasting out extreme emotions.

Gothic architecture modeled on shades of mystery-black and passion-red.

Profound and intense emotions in our cross-shape mini-pool.

Forbidden sensations within the dark of the throne room.

Your red-hot desire will heat up the cold stone and the large red-leather bed will be the focus of your games.

This suite has been created for those who do not fear their own passional and intriguing side.

Private and reserved parking

Serving hatch

Maximum privacy

Check in and check out directly from the car

Room type

Emotional suite, Hot Suite

Room facilities

SURFACE: 58 sq m

BED TYPE: King-size, inside a red-and-black coffin

FACILITIES: Cross-shape mini-pool, Maxi shower inside a cage, A big “X” on the wall and throne room, Private parking with awning, Independent entrance, Food hatch, Check in and check out directly from the car


Stay up to 6 H
Emotional Suite HOT SUITE Gotica 125 185 58 AIRPULL MINI-SHOWER in the shape of a cross and MAXI SHOWER OF 4 SQM bed in XXX

Emotional Grand Motel a new idea of guesting people

Maximum discretion

Privacy is our main value, check-in and check-out can be operated straight from your car. Each room is equipped with a private hatchway. Windows of first-floor suite rooms are darkened by automated curtains activated once guests have entered the room.

Cleanliness and hygiene

We guarantee high standards of hygiene in all our rooms by providing certified linen and towel wash, accurate cleaning of mini-pools, Jacuzzi tubs, showers and baths. TV remotes are sanitized and packed into disposable one-time use bags.

Direct access to rooms

Each room has a direct access with private parking space in front of the entrance. A curtain falls once the car is there. Each parking space is surrounded by special borders that prevent to see between parking spaces.

Close to the motorway

The Emotional Grand Hotel is located just 100m away from the Motorway A26 “Borgomanero” exit. The Motel is easily accessible from the main cities like Milan, Varese, Turin, Genoa, Vercelli, Novara, from Switzerland and Southern France and from Malpensa international airport.


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